Forensics to Government Agencies Data using Hyper Ledger Fabric (HLF)


  • Zunair Hussain School of Computing, University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia
  • Muhammad Imran Department of Computer Science, Bahauddin Zakariya University, Multan, 60000, Pakistan
  • Ammbar Nosheen School of Computing, University Utara Malaysia, Malaysia



Cyber threads, Blockchain, Private Blockchain, Government cybercrime


Security issues are increasing day by day all over the world. Cyber issues are one of the major issues that cause cyber-attacks involving Malware, Phishing, and Ransomware attack. Pakistan is also one of the major countries that are facing cybercrime issues. The most important firms are government agencies like NADRA, Law Firm, and Police Firm. Pakistan has still not made a refined structure to ensure its security from advanced risks. By, and by it has transformed into a national security hazard for Pakistan because the individual data of the government is not secured. Multiple attacks on the NADRA server have occurred in the past. The reason is the centralization server, and security flaws. With the coming of Technology in the 21st century, and security worries that happens due to cybercrimes. Individuals are currently pushing toward new advances, the main thing that comes in the mind to keep away from security hazards, is to circulate the information among various individuals, so the idea of decentralization comes in. A technology that recently has gathered a lot of attention is Blockchain technology. Its decentralized nature gives secure, secret, and basic intends to keep up the records without alteration. Blockchain provides immutability, Integrity, helps enhanced security, distributed ledger, and also provides consensuses. So for government organizations like NADRA data is the most important thing, if this data is compromised due to security flaws then it’s happened a national security hazard that causes leakages of the nation's personal information. So this thesis purpose how to secure data using Blockchain technology a private Blockchain technology. An architectural view is presented with the help of use cases for government organizations NADRA, Police Firm, and Law Firm using HLF Blockchain technology. This thesis also presents the design, and architecture of how organizations work, and interact with one another. Using this design, and architecture we will be able to provide forensic to government organization data which makes it more secure from cyber threats.




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Zunair Hussain, Muhammad Imran, & Ammbar Nosheen. (2022). Forensics to Government Agencies Data using Hyper Ledger Fabric (HLF). Journal of Computing & Biomedical Informatics, 3(01), 208–229.